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What are the benefits of online coaching?

You will have a daily tracker sheet to fill in at the end of each day. To log your work outs, food, daily activity etc. This will get you into a good routine and habits. You will have weekly check ins, to ensure you are staying on track and we will keep you progressing and adding things into your lifestyle.

What are the benefits of online coaching?

What are the benefits of online coaching?

£110 per month

£110 per month

What is included?

A free 45 minute consultation over the phone. To work out what is best for you and set out your goals.

Weekly check ins. Including photos and measurements. Response via Whatsapp. Making adjustments when needed.

Daily communication. All questions and queries will be answered as soon as possible.

Nutritional guideline, advice and support. Providing you with calories and macro targets,  adjusted when needed.

Form check. Videos sent over via WhatsApp of exercises. So form and technique can be corrected to make the most of each exercise

A daily tracker / check in sheet. For you to record each day. Including steps / calories / workouts / how you are feeling etc.

No contract. I just need to know in advance before the first of the month if you wish to cancel the standing order for the following month.

You can START from when ever you like. You can pay pro rata if you are starting during the month.

Additional support, tips and tricks to improve mentality, mindset and perception of yourself.

Bi weekly workout plan on rotation. Providing you with your training split, reps, sets, tempo, cardio.

What is the next step?

  1. Either fill out the 'Contact Me' section or email me at to enquire. Providing me with available times and days for a call, as well as your phone number.

  2. I will send you over a pre consultation questionnaire to fill out via google forms. Please provide as much detail as you can.

  3. During the call we will go through the questionnaire, talk through your goals and what will be the best for you

  4. From there we can set you up, I will sort your initial plans out and start you on your journey!  

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