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What are the benefits of online coaching?

You will have a daily tracker sheet to fill in at the end of each day. To log your work outs, food, daily activity etc. This will get you into a good routine and habits. You will have weekly check ins, to ensure you are staying on track and we will keep you progressing and adding things into your lifestyle.


What are the benefits of  having a Personal Trainer in person?

What are the benefits of  having a Personal Trainer in person?



An independently run gym in Keyworth, Nottingham.

It is an amazing place to start your journey if you are new to the gym or if you have been training for a while.

Block of >4 sessions

Block of 8 sessions

Block of 12 sessions

+ t shirt and hoodie

Free 1 hour consultation in person, when purchasing any option

Did I feel confident when on the gym floor? Hell no. I felt like people would watch me, that I would use the machines wrong, that I would look silly, that I wouldn't be able to get on the machines I needed and then have to go without an exercise. Over just a few sessions, Hannah took me through exercises, improved my knowledge of the machines and showed me alternative machines that use the same muscles. It didn't take me long to feel at ease and happy to book in to the gym even if I knew it would be busy. 


Having my weight yoyo up and down over a good few years since having children, I thought I knew the principles of weight loss but was never able to maintain or achieve what I (thought I) truly wanted. Hannah has helped me realise my body fat loss is a journey. I started with building confidence and understanding of exercises, then gradually brought in nutrition. Small steps building new habits rather than trying to change everything at once and then failing. 

Hannah has taught me to celebrate and look for small wins and not just to focus on the end goal. Realising the smaller goals has been helping me develop a greater positive outlook on my journey and I can even start to look at myself in the mirror and appreciate/see the changes. 

Goals change as new habits develop and Hannah is always there to guide, support and encourage all the way in the most super down to earth positive manner.

Where do I even begin with my journey with Hannah! In a nutshell she saved me from myself!

I started with Hannah to get ready for my wedding but I got so much more. I used to exercise relentlessly and eat like a rabbit and wonder why I made no progress. I tried every fad under the sun and got to the point where I used to fear carbs and make comments like 'I store fat for fun'. Truth was I had a horrendous relationship with myself, food and the scales!!!

Hannah worked with me to gradually increase the food and training so that I had balance. More importantly she encouraged me to EAT. Nothing is ever off limits as long as it 'fits'. I now train 5x per week, eat chocolate every day, love my body, don't fear the scales, have a great relationship with food and am much happier in ever area of my life. Hannah taught me to love myself first.

I now eat more than I have ever before, I am the lightest and strongest I have ever been. But more importantly I am the happiest I have ever been. I'm not sure any testimonial will show my level of gratitude for how much Hannah has helped me.

My only advice if you are thinking of starting with Hannah is START.

Invest in yourself and trust the process.

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